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Intermediate Division: Grade 7 and 8

Welcome students and parents to the St. Michael Intermediate School Web Page.  This page is designed to help you catch up on what is happening in Grade 7 & 8 and to provide valuable information and resources.  Should you have any specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our school at 613 258-7232.

***Attention:  All necessary forms for Extra-Curricular Activities can be found under the Participation Form folder found on the left



There are a variety of sports teams at St. Michael in Grade 7/8s. Most sports have tryouts, and we often have both an A and B team, so as many students as possible can make the team.

Cross Country is our first sport of the year and all students who come out for practices can participate in this sport.

We also have soccer, football (flag and/or touch), volleyball, basketball, hockey, track and field, and sometimes baseball.

Athletics are a fun way to work as a team outside of the classroom and to get to know some other students who aren’t in your class.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Here at St. Michael, we offer numerous extra-curricular activities for our Grade 7 & 8s. These extra-curricular activities give students time to build relationships with others in the school and build skills outside the traditional classroom!

Some of our extra-curricular activities are:


Student Council

At St. Mike’s, we have a Grade 7 and 8 student council who are in charge of organizing events throughout the school year. The students meet during lunch time and plan activities to build school spirit such as: dances, summer Olympics, door decorating contests and more! One or two representatives from each homeroom are elected at the beginning of the school year. 


Junior Band

Junior band is for everyone who enjoys and appreciates music. The high school music teacher Mrs. Kowlessar and her senior mentors are always happy to teach and practice with the new members, demonstrating how to appreciate an instrument. By joining the Junior Band, you are given the opportunity to participate in several concerts, and band trips. Junior band is all about friendship, teamwork, and working together to produce beautiful music.


Mass Band

At St Mike’s we celebrate Mass or a liturgy of the Word about once per month. In order to make the celebrations more spirited, our Mass Band leads us in song. Mass Band members meet at lunch each week to select and practice songs. No music background is necessary to join!


Eco School Team

Thanks to our school efforts and the club initiatives, St. Mike’s was awarded a gold Eco-Schools certification for three years in a row. If you are interested in conserving energy, reducing waste and supporting new Eco friendly ideas, join the club!


Math Club

Our Math club takes place in the library after school on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30pm. It is supervised by a high school or elementary teachers. Students can go and get support while working on their numeracy skills.


Lunch Bunch

An opportunity for students to come together and eat in a quieter atmosphere while focusing on relationships and social skills.


Games Club

Students have the chance to play games together during recess time, giving them the opportunity to make new friends and build relationships in an alternative setting. No electronics in this club!


Pep Squad

Everyone is welcome to join the pep squad! They write cheers, make posters and work on increasing school spirit with their positive attitude.


Alpha Program

The brand new Alpha Youth Series has been re-imagined for today's youth culture. Alpha has been run in 49 countries, in 19 languages — giving young people all around the world the chance to explore faith through Alpha.

Co-curricular activities really allow students to have fun outside of the classroom! We encourage all students to participate!